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Oh, Me?

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Hello there!

Zack reporting. Professional Graphic Designer, Everything Eater.
And I play a mean Balrog.

Design stuff first off. I am inspired by thoughtful solutions powered by meaningful research. I believe designers can make a huge difference if we work to leave the world nicer than we found it. I practice everyday because I learn more about myself and the world with every project. It hasn’t taken me long working in design to see how exciting it is to work with an engaged, curious, energetic team on an experience that everyone can believe in.

Other. I’ve been living in this San Francisco thing for a few years now. The food. Right?? I debated just making a food site instead of a site about myself. Burgers. Day hike, play volleyball, sing songs. Comics. Rinse/wash.

I enjoy new relationships and working with teams. I’m always down to meet with a call, email, or a beer. Really. I’ll be nice.


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m 925.788.3085

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Fjord Mid 2014-Now
Bein' a Vjisual Designer.

LOYAL3 2012-Mid 2014
Using mostly motion & video with a dash of web design, I'm trying to help make investing more manageable for more people.

UC Davis Athletics: "Creative Communications" 2009-2011
Created print & web promotions and assets for UC Davis Athletics teams.

B.A. in Design from UC Davis Class of '11
Design with an emphasis in visual communications. Branding, web, type, motion, product design, design thinking.

Other clients: Waze, Safeway, Taproot, AMC, Dreamworks, SoftCities, NewMo

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Partners in Crime
Geoff Olegario
Daniella Devera
Orlie Kapitulnik
Stephanie Pressler
Jamey Bryant
Leslie Cheng
Laura Ziegler


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